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ho URGENTISSIMO bisogno di una traduzione dall'italiano al giapponese, si tratta di un annuncio di lavoro di 70 parole. c'e' un'anima pia disposta ad aiutarmi? GRAZIE!

I URGENTLY need a translation in japanese, it'a 70 words job ad. is there a kind soul willing to lend a hand? THANK YOU!


hong kong airport

i'm actually in hong kong waiting for my flight to shanghai, can't wait to be there, i'm dead tired! i left from home at 5 a.m.
useless to say that here there's free and rapid internet wi-fi connection, whereas in fiumicino airport they claimed there was a free wifi connection but there wasn't, actually the only way to surf was to pay and use one of their super old twingo-screen...

japan trip - day 4: kyoto

and finally on 27th october i met with kyoto!
my friends were right about this city, it's amazingly beautiful, i regret not having gone there earlier, but how do they say? better now than never!

we took the bus a lot in kyoto, we found it very wasy to use, cheap and the most useful to go to all the places we wanted to visit.
first one was obviously kinkaku-ji temple, the famous golden pavillon.
kinkaku-jiCollapse )
zen gardenCollapse )
nijo castleCollapse )

last but not least, because we didn't want to miss anything in our first day in kyoto, we decided to have a japanese dinner in gion, geisha and maiko old-fashioned area, and we went straight for a pork yakiudon at gion tanto, a nice and cheap place with a great view on canals.
i must make a post only to describe how much i've liked gion and pontocho, two unforgettable areas in kyoto.

you can find pictures on my flickr, here's where kyoto pics start:

and here's the complete set of this travel:

japan trip - day 3: hiroshima & himeji

on our 3rd day, 26th October, we decided to visit hiroshima, just because it didn't feel right to travel in the zone, stop at the station twice and completely ignore this infamous city.

hiroshima reportCollapse )

it's true that this visit gets you depressed, so while travelling to kyoto on shinkansen we decided to stop at himeji, take the chance to see the castle and cheer ourselves up a bit.
himeji castleCollapse )
after this exhausting day we finally arrived in kyoto, unfortunately we took the wrong exit at the station and wandered around with our very heavy luggages for 1 hour before arriving to our ryokan, that luckily was beautiful, clean and with the best staff!
thank god we had a great dinner at donguri restaurant with an awesome kansai style okonomiyaki.

find pictures on flickr as usual, 3rd day pics start from here:
complete set is here:
more pics will be added as soon as i write reports on LJ

next will be day 4th, in which we deeply fell in love with kyoto!


a video to celebrate xmas and surviving the 2nd family reunion lunch, now only 1 left tomorrow and then we're free!!



back home - 1st & 2d day: tokyo- miyajima

back from japan 1 week ago, i still have to get used again to life in this hole of a country, but i'm doing just fine, if only i was able to not fall asleep around 6 pm everyday it would be awesome!
these 2 weeks have been really intense and really great (and really expensive for my wallet, i bought a lot of craps, some of them i even don't know how are meant to be used!): we travelled a lot, not only by plane (it's always a18000 km round trip) but also by train and by bus and this time also by ferry!
just think that after a 12 hours flight there was a 820km train ride (shinkansen) from tokyo to hiroshima, but we were so excited about all the things we were going to see that we weren't tired at all!
this time i'd really like to take the time and write about my travel on lj.
day 1 & day 2Collapse )

next day is hiroshima, which struck me as i didn't expect to.



i'm actually in miyajima island, we arrived this morning at 13.00 a.m. after a long ride from tokyo to hiroshima by supercomfy shinkansen, then we took a train from hiroshima to miyajimaguchi and finally a short trip on a ferry boat took us to miyajima. the place is gorgeous indeed!
there are deers everywhere but they're not so friendly, they chase you to catch your belongings, one of them ate my friend's map!

we have a very beautiful room, we have view on five-stories pagoda, momijidani park and ootorii gate, very beautiful!
tomorrow we'll visit hiroshima and then head for kyoto, can't wait to see kinkoku-ji!

japan is always astonishing!


inglorious basterds

i went to see it last night and although i was afraid quentin might have missed it this time, i completely changed my mind, the movie is a truly masterpiece! that man has pure genius in his veins!
i suggest everyone to go and see it at least once, i think i will go to see it again and if i manage to find the time i will write a rec.
*still in awe*



per festeggiare il suo genetliaco, considerando che lei sara' la fescion stailist per gli ospiti di una certa convenscion, le propongo una carrellata di possibili mise da vagliare per uno dei nomi piu' attesi.
kiappu fescion guruCollapse )



auguri mario!!!


Il guardaroba di classe per tutte le occasioni le e' gia' stato regalato, io mi permetto di regalarle un accessorio fescion e trendi che le sara' utilissimo in quei giorni d'aprile in cui dovra' tenere a bada le folle di minions inferocite

ne faccia buon uso!

e si ricordi sempre che...




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